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New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic Conference: 27 – 29 May

New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic Conference: 27 – 29 May

Arctic Encounters’ second international conference, New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic, will be held in Roskilde, Denmark from 27-29 May, 2015. The final schedule can be downloaded by clicking here.

This innovative conference seeks to explore contemporary approaches to being in and engaging with the Arctic that recognise the region as radically and rapidly transformed by a number of factors. These include political change/political agency, climate change and new forms of travel practices. It is important, however, not to lose sight of the colonial structures which have determined relations in the Arctic prior to these new engagements. The panels and papers will shed light on the complex situation of the Arctic in relation to a number of interdisciplinary practices, relations and narratives associated with travel/writing, including film and photography, in and about the Arctic. Narrative, of course, is not only a form of re-presentation – it is also a practise, a form of engagement and a form of emplacement. As Stephen Greenblatt (1991: 6) puts it, ‘Representations are not only products but producers, capable of decisively altering the very forces that brought them into being’.

The conference’s panels and papers will cover some of the following topics:

 – Arctic tourism and the environment
 – Narratives of travel in the Arctic
 – Eco- and indigenous tourism
 – Tourism and political change in the Arctic
 – Arctic travel and decolonisation
 – Travel writing production both in and outside of the Arctic
 – Tourism resources seen through a postcolonial prism
 – Theoretical and/or methodological considerations of the Arctic as a postcolonial/decolonial

Conference location:
The HERA Conference will be held at two different venues: Roskilde University Building 45 on May 27-28, and at Nordatlantens Brygge, on 29 May. For a map of the Roskilde University campus please visit – you can find the map link at the bottom of the screen. All campus buildings are numbered. Bryggen, the second venue, is located a ten-minute walk from Christianshavn’s metro station, which is located close to Copenhagen city centre.

Transportation to and from the conference:
Roskilde University is located just by Trekroner Station (which is the stop just before Roskilde when arriving from Copenhagen). Please note that not all trains travelling towards Roskilde stop at Trekroner. Be sure to consult the train schedule to ensure that you are on the right train. From Trekroner Station, the University is roughly a ten-minute walk away. Posters for the conference and directions to the venue will be posted on the route from Trekroner Station during the conference days. The organizers will lead anyone interested from Copenhagen Central Station to Trekroner Station at a set time during the mornings of the conference – the train to catch is the 08.36 from Copenhagen Central Station.

Transportation to/from Copenhagen:
There are several train stations in Copenhagen with service to Trekroner Station, including: Copenhagen Central Station (København H), Nørreport Station, Østerport Station and Valby Station. Nørreport station can be reached by metro if need to connect within the city. The train ride lasts about 25 minutes, with three or four trains each hour. For train schedule see Copenhagen operates on a zone system: from Copenhagen Central and other stops in the city centre, you will be in Zone 1 or 2. Travel from Copenhagen Central to Trekroner Station spans 7 zones. Please note that there are no seat reservations or advance bookings for these trains: you simply purchase tickets from the ticket machines at any station.

Accommodation during the Conference:
We recommend that you stay in Copenhagen (as opposed to Roskilde) for the duration of the conference. There will be evening events on the first two conference days, and these will take place in Copenhagen. Copenhagen has many options for accommodation depending on your budget and how centrally you wish to be located. There is no single designated conference hotel, but you can find plenty of options at various price points using TripAdvisor. We recommend that you choose a hotel located close to one of the above mentioned train stations, or close to the metro line/ S-train lines. For example, the Axel Guldsmeden ( is an upscale hotel with a Balinesian feel that is set just a few minutes’ walk from the Central Train Station. Meanwhile, the Danhostel Copenhagen City ( is Europe´s largest city hostel, housed in an 18-storey building with exceptional views of the capital’s skyline and harbour area. It is a ten-minute walk from the Central Train Station. and are good options for finding short-term furnished apartment rentals. See also for ideas, as well as

Programme and abstracts:
The conference program is being finalized and it will be posted as soon as it is complete. If you have any questions or comments regarding the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us on:

We are looking very much forward to seeing you all at New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic!


Lars Jensen
Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen
Julia Christensen
Astrid Andersen

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